Man's Land: Feminist Peril in Americus

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ISBN: 9781457512926
252 pages

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Genevieve Jester, a young feminist, is sent undercover by the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission to investigate egregious abuses of women’s rights by Americus, a male-dominated, sexist land of former American states possessed of the DeedapD, a supposedly infallible lie detector. The lie detector could determine an international political struggle between Americus and feminist America for control of a veto-empowered United Nations Security Council seat.

Genevieve, unaware, is deceitfully used as a pawn to checkmate an English king crucial to the Security Council intrigue. She endures appalling anti-feminist indoctrination, but stays in Americus. Her brother—mysteriously associated with the king—is feared to be in danger. To effectively search for him she becomes a “declared man” deprived of sexual release, complicating her romantic attraction to a man of hidden allegiances.


About Y.B. Raymond

Y. B. Raymond is a former Assistant Attorney General of a southwestern state who now devotes his time to writing.



A BOOT NUDGED THE PRONE body, but there was no reaction. Joe Stamford, a clean-shaven black man, bent over the young Caucasian male, feeling for a pulse.


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